Aurora, Colorado

Bio: I am the creator of Dazed Unleashed the first ever Poker of Pot: Players compete for control of the bowl and loser loads; last player left with pot wins the game - Smoke Off or Tournament. We are forming a league where players may compete for custom pipes, bongs and other paraphernalia. This blog is about being a Ganjapreneur; defined as: a businessman who is fortunate enough to be involved in the post prohibition cannabis-support industry. And a user of Cannabis. I am a self proclaimed "Pothead" being classified as one who is: forgetful, absent minded, easily distracted - confused, and fond of pastries, comedy and naps. Also one who is inventive, creative, resilient and exceptionally perceptive when I focus my attention on a thing. I usually don't like what I see when I do that's one of the reasons why I'm a pothead. The world doesn't seem as kind as it used to be, this blog is an attempt to relocate and foster the kindness of America that I remember as a child.

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